County-Wide In-Service October 2009


These items are not required, but highly encouraged:
---iTunes Account (free to anyone)
---Discovery Education Account (paid for by BVIU and home school districts.)
---Google Account (Free for anyone)
---Download Evernote (Free for anyone)

By signing up for an downloading these tools you will be able to interact and collaborate with us during the presentation.

Please e-mail us your usernames for Google, we can then share documents with you for the presentation.




This presentation is meant to be interactive, where the attendees look at the various resources and decide what they want to focus on. There are many resources to peruse, focus on ones that you may be able to use and look at the rest later if you like. Don't sweat the amount of information, you don't need to learn everything here, I just wanted you to have the opportunity to see a variety of tools.

Pre-planning for lessons

---Social Networking (Here are some you can peruse.)


---------------Click here to visit Twitter's home site.

---------------Click here to visit what information Eduwikius has on Twitter.


---------------Click here to visit Ning's home site.

---------------Click here to visit what information Eduwikius has on Ning.

---------------Click here to visit the Classroom 2.0 Ning.


---------------Click here to visit Diigo's home site.

---------------Click here to visit what information Eduwikius has on Diigo.

---------------Click here to check out the Diigo for Educators site.

---------------Click here to visit's home site.

---------------Click here to visit what information Eduwikius has on


---------------Click here to view the Eduwikius homepage.

-----Lesson Research

------(These site have complete lessons available and other supplemental resources.)

---------Thinkfinity lessons.

---------Resources on iTunes.
---------Resources on Discovery Education. teacher's homepage. There is also parent and student sections.

Copyright Concerns

-----Copyright and Creative Commons page on NBASD CFF Wiki.

Lesson Itself

-----Using Evernote for Research.
----------Evernote is an online notetaking program that allows you to synchronize notes from any computer into an web-based account.

-----Using Google Docs for collaboration.
----------Google Docs allows up to ten people to edit documents, spread sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
----------Google Docs also allows users to work asynchronously on the same material.

-----Using Edmodo
----------Discussion Boards
----------Handing out/Turning in assignments

Student production and publishing of work.

--------Glogster make sure you use the education account....

-----Links to Published Student Projects.

-----Dom Salvucci's student projects on wikis.
-----Dom Salvucci's student projects on
-----Bryan Pasquale's student projects on wikis.

Mind Map of Web 2.0 Lesson Process

This mind map sketches out the thought process behind an actual lesson. Click here to view. This map is made with MindMeister.


Agenda in Word Form

List and Links of Resources to be used.

Diigo for Educators
Social Network examples.
Open Source Links
Discovery Education
Voicethread for educators
Virtual Stapler for those in Tech Ed. Unfortunately, I could not find other virtual power tools.