Creative Commons Resources and Links Page


This page is a resource for anyone who uses media, graphics, and images on presentations. Using Creative Commons resources does not totally prevent plagiarism, but gives you access to items that grant open use under certain conditions. It is much safer than a general Google search.

Copyright: A tale of Two Videos.

This video is a great video discussing copyright law. It is slick

This video I made for my Grad Course in the Summer of 2008. This video is not...

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a group dedicated to providing access to ideas and creations that can be used by all easily.

Link to the Creative Commons Homepage.

Image Links

Wikimedia Commons A clearinghouse of images and media that can be used for presentations.

Upper Merion High School Wiki Image and Copyright info page. Thanks to Kristin Hokanson for the resource, it contains an explanation of copyright, fair use, and useful links to images and music.

Using Google to Search for CC images

This blog explains how to search for Creative Commons images in Google.

Fair Use

The End of Copyright Confusion

This wiki has great information on Copyright.

Center for Social Media at American University

This section of their site discusses Fair Use.

Fair Use Lesson

This lesson can be used as a graded assignment or a self check as to "Fair Use." Special thanks to our friends at for the resource.