CFF Teacher Start-up Page


This page was created to get everyone moving forward with the CFF project. There are many changes that are occurring, so hopefully this will help ease the stress. There is a lot to learn, but please let me know if you need help with anything and how I can help. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or suggestions.


Number one, you will be losing your desktop computer. It is not needed since you now have a laptop that can not only run your classroom, but it can be taken home so you can work from there also.

If you have bookmarks on your desktop you need to move them to be used from your new laptop. You have several options; you can type each one in individually from one computer to the other, or you can use an Internet based program to store and access your bookmarks. Using the latter option can be done by a few clicks of your mouse, it is the suggested approach.

Sign up for a Diigo Account.

There are several social bookmarking programs that you can use to save your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" out on the Internet. I am promoting Diigo over the others because there are a large number of CFF Coaches and teachers who use it and have created groups to share ideas.


Click here to view the tutorial on how to sign up for Diigo and download the toolbar to your computer.

Get the Toolbar

Here are directions on how to download the toolbar if you are already a member.

Click here to view the Diigo page that shows you how to accomplish this, the page included written directions along with video tutorials.

Sign up for an Educator's Account

Diigo also has a secure site for educators so you can share bookmarks with your classes.

Click here to view the tutorial on how to do this.

Your new laptop

It is a Lenovo Thinkpad. It is not as bad as previous years' models. You can run the programs that come with the computer on it well.

Other hardware

Canon Digital Movie Camera
*Just a note, you need a firewire to connect the camera to your laptop to livestream. You must supply your own at this time.

Kodak Digital Easyshare Still Camera

Lenovo Webcam

These items can be signed out for class room use. See me, Dom, for details.

Your students will need other things such as headsets and microphones for some programs that you may use. I do not have any to give out.

Programs you will be using.

Click on the active links to go to the program pages that will include written directions and video tutorials.


BlackBoard is an online classroom platform.

A web based program that allows you to store and embed your videos for free.

Click here to jump to Eduwikius' page about

A web based social bookmarking site.

An image editing program.

Google Docs

An online platform to work cooperatively and create embeddable documents. Hopefully we can use this for our students eventually.

Microsoft Office 2007

The core of programs we use, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Remember to save as a Word 97-2003 document so others can work with your files.


A video conferencing sight that allows you to work with up to three or six other individuals at once.


A free web based screencasting tool that allows you and your students to create videos for use from your desktop images. Click here to view our page on Screencast-O-Matic.


An communication program that allows you to chat, audio, or video conference anywhere in the world for free, as long as it is computer to computer. You can also place calls to phones for a small fee.

A free web based site that allows you to create free live video broadcasts. It also offers embedding and storage for free.

Click here to jump to the Eduwikius site's info on

Windows Moviemaker

A program that comes with the laptops that allows you to create and edit video.

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