Google Stuff


Google is so much more than a place to search for information, it is a site to collaborate with others, organize your information and organize your life...not to be melodramatic or anything.

Google Apps

You can link to your Google Apps Account below.

-----Click here to access the District's Google Docs page.

Google Earth

Click here to access the link to view the sky in Google Earth.

Written Directions

These directions will get you into Google Docs if you already have an account.

These directions assist you in signing up for a Google Account.

These directions will show you how to upload a file to Google Docs and Save it.

These directions will show you how to use an Advanced Google Image Search.

Links to Video Tutorials

This video tutorial gives you an introduction to Google Docs.

Links to Eduwikius Information pages.

Google Calendar

-----Google Calendar allows you to publish and or embed a calendar into your web page for others to monitor.

-----Here is more information from Eduwikius about this useful tool.