Resource Listings


All of the resources listed on this page are grouped by main purpose, most of them if not all are free, at least at a basic level of use.

Listing of Resources

Avatar/Character Generators

-----This page contains free resources for creating avatars and characters that can be used in student projects.

Blogging Tools

-----This page contains a list of resources that will allow your students/children to begin to create an online journals. This can be the first step in creating a responsible digital footprint. For staff, it is an easy way to keep parents up to date with what is going on in your class. Posts need not be long, anything from a simple useful link to a paragraph or so is a good start, staff blogging is also a great way to model appropriate usage for students.

Career Education Resources

-----This page lists resources for career education.

Claymation Resource Page

-----This page lists various resources for the creation and publication of Claymation multimedia projects.

Collaboration Tools

-----These free tools will allow you or your students to work together on projects without needing to be in the same room.

Comics and Illustration Resources

-----This page contains resources that will enable you and/or your students to create and store illustrations online.

Differentiated Instruction

-----This page contains resource sites for differentiating instruction. Currently there are several wikis listed, we hope to add more in the future.

Elementary Level Resources

-----See "Young Children's Resources."


-----This page contains resources and tools for setting up geocaching on your own or with students.


-----This resource is listed separately for now. It is a great way to create interactive online posters. You can also print them out.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

-----This page contains links to resources that can be used on interactive whiteboards (IWB's).

Interactive/Online Classrooms

-----This page discusses specific online tools that allow you to work synchronously with others. Google and Zoho are not included in the page.

iPods in Education

-----This page is now an internal link to New Brighton's iPod Touch in the classroom project.

iEducation Wiki

-----This external site is a compilation of resources that show how iPods can be used for education purposes.

Live Streaming Resources

-----This page contains links and resources for live streaming video from your classroom or school.

Math Resources

-----This page lists various math resources, from online calculators to interactive games.

News and Web Organizers

-----This page contains a number of resources for current events and world news, along with ideas on how to use them.

Online Book Resources/ePubs

-----This page contains links and information about online texts and other eBooks.

Online Course Platforms

-----This page contains information about online course platforms for students, parents, and staff members.

-----As a student at New Brighton, you will use online course platforms in some of your classes.
-----Once you leave New Brighton, there is a strong possibility that you will encounter these platforms in a variety of situations.
-----Take a look at the various resources listed above to learn more.

-----As a parent, if your child is going into higher education, or the work force there is a strong chance that they will use some sort of online course platform.
-----Take a look at the resources link to the above page to find out more.

-----As a teacher, this page contains information and links to course management programs. These programs allow you to deliver various types of content to
-----others in a controlled environment.

Online Flashcard Resources

-----This page contains information about online flashcard tools. They may be used with mobile devices, computers, or with Interactive Whiteboards.

Online Story Telling Resources

-----This page lists and links free resources that can be used to create and store online student created stories.

Online Video/Audio Storage Sites

-----This page lists and links to sources for storing mulitmedia files online.

Online Writing Tools

-----This page contains resources for creating documents on the Internet.

Opensource Links

-----This page contains a number of sites that allow you to use music and images for projects.

Primary Resource Tools

-----This page contains links to various primary resources for staff and student research.

QR Codes

-----This page contains links to information on QR Codes.

Social Networking Tools

-----This page contains information on various Social Networking Tools.

Screencasting Tools

-----This page lists and connects to tools used to record your computer screen.

Test Creation Tools

-----This page lists free and a couple fee based test creation tools.

Writing/Word Processing Tools

-----This page lists various tools for creating documents, pdf's, and presentations.

Young Children's Resources

-----This page has a list of resources for Elementary and Early Childhood levels.