Staff Video Tutorial Links


This page contains video tutorials for educators to review on pertinent topics. We hope they are helpful.

Polyvision Tutorials

Wiki Tutorials

Here is a video from Commoncraft explaining "What is a wiki?"

Here is a video that explains what a wiki is and how it can be used.

Here is the link to the "How to create a wiki" video tutorial."

Here is the link on how to embed a test onto your wiki.

Here is the link on "How to upload a file or image to your wiki."

Here is a link to a video tutorial on "How to set up automatic notifications to wikispace changes."

Coming Soon...

How to install a widget into your wiki.

What various widgets do and how they can be used for educational purposes.

Internet Tutorials

BlackBoard Tutorials

Here is the video tutorial on How to Enroll Students in your BlackBoard Class.

Here is the video tutorial on BlackBoard Orientation Unit Tutorial created using Wink. (The file starts automatically. You need to hit pause to stop it.)

This link takes you to the video overview on the Wimba Liveclassroom.

This video shows you how to use the Digital Dropbox. It was created using Jing.

Discovery Education/United Streaming

A tutorial on various types of searches on United Streaming.

Live Streaming Tutorials

We created a page specifically for ustreamtv.

Coming Soon...

How to create a Voki.

How to create a Blabberize.

How to create a class blog on Edublogs.

Program Tutorials


See the above video tutorials that are embedded in this site.
Some are made with free programs such as Jing or Wink. Others are made with Camtasia Studio with is a bit expensive, but a better program.

The following tutorial was made with Screencast-o-matic a free online program that allows you to store your screencasts on the web.
The screencast itself explains the After school tech meeting collection page.

Social Bookmarking Tutorials

This video tutorial shows you how to create a Diigo account.

This video shows how to request an Educator's account which is more secure and student friendly.

This tutorial explains hpow to download the Diigo Toolbar to your FireFox Web Browser.

Networking Tutorials

This video from Mike Baker at Eduwikius explains blogging in easy to understand terms.

This video from CommonCraft explains how to use Twitter in Plain English.

General Tutorials

A brief overview of Copyright Information for Educators.