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This site will be under construction over the Summer of 2009. I hope to organize the resources in a more efficient manner and make the site more user friendly.

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Flip the Switch

Dom Salvucci's Presentations from various state and regional conferences can now be accessed here.

Creative Commons Resources

Creative Commons Resource Page for Students and Staff

iTunes Information Page

Open Source Links

Parent Pages

Parent Resource Page

------This page contains links to other helpful sites and tools for your child.

Resource Listings

Student Project Links

-----Links to projects New Brighton Students have created can be found here.

Video Tutorials for Parents and Guardians

Young Children Resources

Student Pages

Google Stuff

iTunes Information Page

Resource Listings

Student Resource Page

Student Project Links

Video Tutorials for Students

Written Directions for Students

-----Written directions for tools you may use in class can be accessed here.

Staff Pages

After School Tech Meetings

This page was created using a Google Doc.

CFF Staff Calendar Page

CFF Staff Google Apps Link

CFF Staff Start-up Page

CFF Team Districts Here is a listing of contacts for CFF schools and teachers in the area. This link now takes you to the BVIU CFF wikispace.

Coaches Page

Discovery Education Network Page

-----This page is an internal page on our wiki discussing the Discovery Education Network.

Edline and Gradequick Information

Google Stuff

iTunes Information Page

New Staff Technology Orientation

Resource Listings

Staff Resource Page

This page contains a list of resources and programs available for staff to use with their classes.

How To

Wiki Reference and Help Page.

Written Directions for Staff


Staff Video Tutorial Links


Greek Day 2010

iPods in the Classroom

Professional Learning Networks Presentation

Web 2.0 Lessons from Beginning to End